Bulgarian Society of Medical Sciences Journal (BSMS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online and print, integrative journal of the Bulgarian Society of Medical Sciences, which aims to establish a tradition of meaningful writing that, seriously and unhurriedly, addresses ideas and researches important to the development of medicine. We beg the question how to think of medicine as a science without turning it into a politically-scientific vehicle for advancement and career development for its own sake. The material to be published should be useful to a wide range of professionals from different specialties. The journal has a special interest in history of medicine as a science, undeniably necessary to think properly about the future and the continuity of knowledge.

BSMSJ started coming out in 2023 with the establishment of the association. Three volumes have been published: the first one, containing thirteen articles by/from the thirteen founding members, the second one, thematically devoted to "Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery", and the third one - publishing materials on thoracic and general surgery, as well as artificial intelligence and its use in science as a special topic.

Adherence to ethical standards of publishing is a must/precondition. Each paper must present scientific information in a fair, transparent and responsible manner.

Publication types: Research article, Review article, Short communication, Editorial
Archived: CLOCKSS, Zenodo
ISSN 2815-4959 (print)
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